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tv   Washington Journal Cenk Uygur Discusses the Progressive Agenda  CSPAN  April 30, 2017 8:35am-9:08am EDT

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thoughts on the impact of the proposal. >> we think the roles that we got in 2015, the net neutrality rules, are working. they are wildly popular, the overwhelming majority of americans want to have clear rules to protect an open internet, so we are concerned he is going down a path to review and potentially repeal all or some of those rules. >> from the internet's inception, it was free. there was not a problem. there was no dystopian controlled internet with isps or anybody interfering with people's ability to post content or use applications. communicators," monday night 8:00 eastern on c-span2. >> washington journal continues. host: our guest now is cenk
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uygur, host of "the young turk." welcome back to the table. guest: thank you. host: who are the young turk? guest: we are the longest just largest online news network in the world. progressive ase you will see throughout today, but it is not just about politics. we have 30 channels. host: what does it mean to be so big? guest: it is fascinating. no matter where i go people recognize me. it is wonderful. people do not come up to plumbers and say, great job on the plumbing but they come up to me all the time. there is some haters but that is life for me. host: the president's first 100 days in office, how is he doing? guest: horrific, just terrible.
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he is not getting any of his promises done, which thank god, because i do not agree. as i warned anyone -- everyone in the election, thorough incompetence. whether it is foreign policy in a situation like north korea, or domestic policy where his incompetence is helping us. he cannot repeal obamacare. if he cannot get these tax cuts through, that will be our chattering in confidence because this whole town cannot wait to give tax cuts to the rich. if he cannot make that happen he is worse than i thought. host: phone numbers on the bottom of the screen. ,epublicans call (202) 748-8001 democrats call (202) 748-8000, and independent call (202) 748-8002. who did you vote for? guest: in the primaries i voted
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for bernie sanders and the general election i voted for hillary clinton. host: they are out of power in the house and on the hill. guest: it is bifurcated. the approach so far this year has been fine. they are resisting everything trump has been doing, largely speaking. you have a couple of votes for gorsuch but other than that, given how deeply unpopular president trump is they are doing a fine enough job to standing up to him. i find the democratic party overall on a macro level to be institutionally corrupt. i do not trust them at all and i believe they could easily compromise on some of these tax cuts and give the republicans what they want. they have the same donors. host: something you said not too long ago about the democratic party, let them keep thinking what they are going to think. you said their consultant class,
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we will route them and new media will drive us to totally new result. it'll be a much more progressive feature -- future. they have no idea what's about to hit them. folks there is a group of , democrats and republicans as well, they run campaigns for certain congressmen and senators. given those campaigns they are advised by the dnc and other groups, and they charge a ton of money to run these campaigns. primarily they use tv ads. previously they had worked and now they work a lot less. donald trump proved that, got outspent by hillary clinton and still one anyway. the reason they do ineffective things like old-school mailings and tv because it costs more, so the more it costs them or their
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consultant takes. he takes a 15% commission on all tv at. he does not want you to do the most effective thing and politics which is not on doors. commission get 15% on volunteers knocking on your doors. he gets commission on you running expensive and ineffective tv ads. they are incentivized to lead the candidates in the wrong direction and boy, have they ever. host: what is your interpretation of resistance to the president amongst the democrats? does it have a common set of issues? social, economic, regional, when is the approach? guest: today i'm going to give a larger speech about what the real resistance is, at noon in washington, d.c., and it is not just about trump. it is about resistance to the entire system. if the democratic party thinks,
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we will use trump as a whipping -- use them tom move our agenda, they have something coming. host: joining us with cenk uygur, ryan, good morning. caller: is this me? i am in pennsylvania. host: go ahead. as a republican, there is a point about the tv versus knocking on doors. i never even thought about that, that is very good. second, i am not too much with progressive movements because in a place like venezuela, this leftist ideology, they are horrible. i do watch on youtube and your best video i have to say is you
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are election night, where you are all tearful in the beginning and it brings me happiness. that was an awesome point about the tv versus knocking on doors. guest: i know that a lot of conservatives enjoyed our election night coverage because we were not happy about the result. point,t important venezuela is an outlier. it is now pretty much an authoritarian government. that is not a real progressive zone. our number one agenda is to get money out of politics, to drain the swamp, but not in the way that trump said. he stacked his cabinet full of goldman sachs guys. it stands for representing the voters rather than the donors. you might be shocked how much you agree with it. host: let me try to bring tyler, texas back in, ryan appeared --
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ryan. caller: i remember you from your show and in -- msnbc thought you were really awesome for tv. i do not follow your internet business as much. trump hasto say that that he hasperties not divested from, billions of dollars in properties. , which arear-a-lago public while private. you have to pay $200,000 for membership. he is profiting from this. his membership price has doubled and he has foreign leaders, there. , howhe other properties come he has not been forced to divest, number one, because of the conflict of interest? and number two, how come we have
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no one that is really in the congress that is loudly calling for impeachment hearings? i have heard about it, but he needs to be impeached because he has so many connections to a hostile government. his campaign worked with them and that is obvious. nobody is really looking into it. host: thank you. guest: i appreciate it. first of all, thank you for watching me back in the day on tv. we have 300 million people watching us online. divesting, i think that he is breaking a clause of the constitution and has enormous conflict of interest problems but if no one will enforce the constitution there is one where
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you have recourse, vote him out of office. not just donald trump that every single republican who supports him. as long as he keeps using our tax money to go tomorrow lago to golf -- to go to mar-a-lago to golf, punish them. if you can prove he had a financial connection to russia then i very much look forward to impeachment, and i believe there is a possibility that is exactly what will happen but for the moment being we do not have that hard evidence. host: a tweet that the president sent a short while ago -- the democrats have become the party of obstruction, they are only interested in themselves and not what is best for the u.s. guest: i am greatly amused. , he didy of obstruction not pay any attention to the eight years obama was in office. it is not arguable.
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they broke the record on filibusters, shattered about three times the previous record. they obstructed the supreme court justice for a full year, unprecedented. if we will excuse us don't agree with the dear leader of donald trump and block things that we fervently disagree with. it is the least we could do, given your record-breaking obstruction. headline --s the what is a purity test and are you demanding that for progressives? guest: i started a group called justice democrats. that is the strong progressive wing of the democratic party and we are going to primary the hell out of the others. the daily banter does not like that so to suck up to washington they write hit pieces to
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washington. . he test, they want you to be honest and not corrupt. --. t-test, they want you to be honest and not corrupt. test, they want you to be honest and not corrupt. you cannot take corporate or pack know me -- pack money. you represent the owners are not the donors. we will see you in the battlefield for the primaries. host: richard, independent caller. caller: i have three questions if you don't mind. cenk, du thinks, there should be term limits on congress? guest: that is an interesting question and one that is debatable. right now i am against it,
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partly for the reasons of democracy. if people want to put someone in office a third time i don't want to take that choice away from them, but i do not think it is out of the question. host: what else? caller: do you think patriotism plus christianity equal liberty? guest: no, not at all. of course you should know, i am agnostic so i do not believe in the regions and i believe they are authoritarian by nature. i am not interested in bowing my head to anyone's god, and america is a deeply secular country. we put our faith and the reason of mankind and that we can work together and we are guided by the constitution, not the koran or the bible. host: one last question. caller: one last question and one short statement.
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do you think if someone promotes sharia they should leave america? guest: no, and i will tell you why. i am 100% against sharia law. i am against religions and i will not follow the law of what you think god might have told someone thousands of years ago, but it is a free country and sharia law has different interpretations including like their laws on divorce. that is not an american thing to do. we allow freedom of religion. host: i am going to move on to diane, upper darby, pennsylvania, independent caller. caller: how are you today? host: fine, how are you? caller: my question has to do with the democrats. i am hearing a lot of knocking against the democrats which i cannot understand. if you are watching any of this
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or experiencing anything, they seem to be the only ones that care about what is happening to this country and trying to keep some semblance of sanity in our government. , but i cannotect understand why they are being knocked so badly when they are the only ones fighting, besides bernie sanders. an answer to that because i am very distraught. guest: diane, i am really glad you brought that up because it is a very important distinction. you guys have no horse in the race. you do not want institutional corruption. ideology, i right am with you 100%, and we are trying to serve you without corruption. bernie sanders, great candidate.
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local and state officials who are democrats are wonderful, have not been corrupted, and got into politics for all the right reasons. i know someone in maine who runs a cash register and the whole community knows her so why do not want you to be overly cynical. when you talk about national democrats, they have been systemically corrupted by the money, not because they are bad people but because the races cost millions to hundreds of millions of dollars so they think, i need the bankers, the drug companies, the oil companies. i have covered it for over 20 years. and thenthat routinely vote in favor of the giant multinational corporations, because that is where their money comes from. host: tracy in minneapolis, a republican caller. caller: i used to watch you early on in 2007, 2008 on
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youtube and i really liked you back then. you supported a little bit of ron paul stuff and then i think you leaned toward obama and self are that. is, would we be in better shape as far as civil rights if you supported ron paul? i was disappointed that you went and fell for the obama thing. i think we are in exactly the same position where we were with bush. i thought ron paul was our only chance and i want to get your opinion. guest: i appreciate that you .hought i was powerful i have a time of grief from folks saying obama did things wrong. a lot of people left the program
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because i started criticizing obama relentlessly because he took the same donations, he let wall street off the hook, so i am totally aware. at the end of the day you have to vote for one of the two candidates you have. when it comes to ron paul and the libertarians, i love half of what you stand for -- freedom, liberty, i get to do what i want with my body, etc. although a lot of libertarians are grossly hypocritical because when it comes to pro-choice, no, i want a man to do what he wants with his body, women do not get to decide. youou are a libertarian better be pro-choice otherwise you are a total hypocrite. other than that, it is nihilism. liberty is the most important thing. that is why we are all americans and we love america. not paying taxes and letting the
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rich destroy the government means there is no cops on the street, on wall street, to check any of these giant multinational corporations who are actually taking your liberty away. we cannot have anarchy whether it is from the left or right. host: jim on twitter wants to know what you would like to achieve instead of tossing trump hate softballs. caller: i will tell you exactly -- guest: i will tell you exactly what i want. i want to get money out of politics because it is corrupting them and they are not serving us. americans say money corrupts politics. that,g polls better than yet not one of these politicians is actually making a real effort to get the money out of politicians. they are hooked on that crack. if we got the money out, we
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would have honest debate. wouldn't that be wonderful? that is not what we have now. and tax cuts cakes for the rich. host: cedar falls iowa, republican. caller: i was just noticing all of this anti-democrat kind of president, from the and we are not all against him. we are not all of structure nest like the republicans -- obstructionists like the republicans. i was wondering if you guys think these independent voters who were kind of in the middle on what they are thinking about these past hundred days, what they are thinking about the democrats, whether we are obstruction because trump has been able to fool a lot of people. i just want to know what you thought about that. obstructionism is
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a talking point meant to get opposition out of the way. and you are 100% right, if i agree with donald trump why would i obstruct him? i agree with him on the transportation -- transpacific partnership. fantastic, let's work with donald trump on killing tpp, and we did. i do not agree with his 7 trillion dollar tax cut for the richest people in the country, yes, i'm going to fight him 1000%. why would i work with him on that? want you to do not give away all of our money and redistributed to the middle-class. they look forward to us fighting on things like getting money out of politics, ending corruption, and getting jobs back. what happened to trump and all of his talk about jobs?
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if he actually did the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and it was not a giveaway to his construction friends, then of course i would work with him on that. twitter, whaton do you think of bernie sanders' prominence? guest: i think it is wonderful. the establishments democrats have a trap they laid, call unity. everybody, unified, we will get rid of trump. they did not say the next part but they mean it, we will go back to status quo. i have a great proposal for them. establishment democrats, if you want to unify then let's unify behind the most popular politician in the country. that person is bernie sanders, 61%. 80% of democrats agree with him. if you want to unify with him, i love unity.
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host: silver spring maryland -- silver spring, maryland. caller: i have been watching for a while on the internet and i love the fact that you had to have him reiterate and explain about this thing about consulting class. we used it as kids growing up in the metropolitan area, we used to literally call at this and the adults started calling it and it started passing around. parents talk shop, adults talk shop, and they called it the con slutting class. we have been thinking that for decades. thank you. host: thank you. guest: thank you for the backup and thank you for watching. you do not often hear it on tv in washington because almost
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everybody here is friends with the consulting class. if you are a congressman or senator you had one of them consulting for year campaign. you are not going to say, he ripped them -- he ripped me off and put the money to the most expensive thing there is. you need an outsider like me. turks really do not want you to compare them to breitbart. -- cenk uygur bristles at the notion that the progressive media company he cofounded more than a decade ago , the young turks, is becoming --itbart of the left, this guest: our ideology is of course. we do not hide that.
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we are not dishonest. you get into the fact they promote white supremacy. all we want to do is put the voters back in charge. that comparison -- i get it. we both have clear ideology. it is not equal. >> one last color, adam. -- caller, adam. >> c-span is a national treasure. thank you for all you do. i watch you every day. >> you make the show. >> i have also watched the young
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turks. i appreciate one of the first shows i have seen to highlight police are tablet he. not with just minorities -- highlight police brutality. not just minorities. i wanted to get your thoughts on come it if we are draining the swamp, don't we first need to change the law? thank you. >> think you for calling. guest: i cannot be happier that you brought that it. since united, and the decisions made in 1976 and 1978, preposterous claims that no actual american believes. ,orporations are human beings they have rights, that is preposterous. bribed -- no one that is bribed by a corporation believes that. then they say, they are human beings so they have speech --
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money is speech -- really? preposterous. then they say, when you give millions of dollars to a politician, that is not bribery. that does not give you the appearance of a conflict of interest -- are you kidding? no american believes that. yes, we need to get rid of citizens united. you have to go above the supreme court. a constitutional amendment. we fight for the urgency. through the convention the states call and they propose an amendment and then you ratify it with 38 states. people think an amendment is not doable, every generation of americans has done one. we have to get rid of the corruption. >> he is the host of the young turks and founder of the tyt network. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> we have in our left. coming next, something special for high school students. we will be taking calls from high school students across the country as teachers daniel larsen and andrew conneen discuss the advanced placement program. we will go through questions. be right back. ♪ >> tonight, on q&a, the house of truth, a washington political salon and the foundation of american liberalism. we talk with author brad snyder intellectuals.ut
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earlyet regularly in the 1900s to debate politics and the future of the country. >> i think everyone associated with this house, frankfurter, brandeis, race was not a sailing issue for them. they cared about the rights of workers. it took oliver wendell holmes junior in some of his opinions, including a 1923 case which found for the first time that the mob dominated criminal trials of southern blacks violated the due process clause. is the first time the supreme court struck down a state criminal conviction under the due process clause. that was a huge moment in putting fair criminal trials in the liberal agenda and linking them with race. >> tonight on q&a. he once called for the removal of pluto is a planet. on sunday, may 7, author and
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astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson will be our guest on "in-depth." tyson: allow me to tell you that armenians, as small as compared to earth, has five times the mass of pluto. pluto lovers were never told that, where you? -- were you? welcome to the company of informed people. >> during the conversation we will take your calls, tweets, and facebook questions. of severaluthor books including "welcome to the universe, death by blackhole." "in-depth" with neil degrasse tyson come alive, from noon until 3:00 p.m. eastern on sunday, may 7 on book tv. chairman proposed
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reversing the obama and ministration's relations on the internet. i shared withay my commissioners a proposal to reverse title ii and returned to the light touch regulatory framework that served our nation well during the clinton administration, bush, and the first six years of the obama administration. >> monday night on "the theunicators" we ask director of indications at the american enterprise institute and the vice president of public knowledge their impacts of the proposal. >> we think the rules we got in 2015 are working. their wildly popular. an overwhelming majority of americans want to have clear rules of the road to protect an open internet. we are concerned that he has made a path to review and potentially repeal some or all of those rules. >> from the internet inception until the days the rules were
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passed, the internet was free and open. there was not a problem, as the chairman said, there was no dystopian controlled internet with isp's or anyone else interfering with people's ability to post content. "the communicators" monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. continues.on journal >> and if that time of year again for high school students around the country. it is not only finals, but for a lot of young folks out there it is one of the best -- big finals, the ap advanced placement u.s. government exam. some call it the kentucky derby of civics exams. here, once again, to tell us all about the test and how to get ready our andrew conneen, a teacher at adlai e. stevenson high school. good morning and his


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